Welcome to Noice

Noice is an EVE Online accounting tool, inspired by https://pwning.de/neat/

I created this tool because (imho) other accounting tools are overdesigned and make it difficult to 'just get what you want', which is checking profit. This tool aims to be as simple as possible.

If you are on this page, it means you are not logged in.


What's this?

Noice is an EVE Online profit tracker that tracks profit.


Because I like to wake up and check profits I made as fast as possible.

Why is the site slow

It runs on a very (very) cheap server

Do I seriously need to log out and log in each time I want to switch EVE Characters?


If you want to contact me for suggestions, errors or some nice talk, send me an EVE mail to: Torry Momaki and I will hopefully read it soon.